Exile Guild Rules

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Exile Guild Rules

Post by abys » Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:00 pm

General Exile rules

1. Exile is a semi-hardcore PvE raid guild.

2. Negative influences will not be tolerated. This includes any excessive whining, greed or disrespect towards other guild members or players.

3. The guild is a NON-Emo zone. We want a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in our raids and if you have regular emo fits you will be spoken too to sort out your attitude or asked to leave.

4. If you have a complaint or comment, talk to an officer about it in a civilised manner, we respond better to conversation rather than argument!

5. If a conflict occurs between 2 members, they have to settle this between themselves.

6. Officers have the final word in guild decisions. Keep in mind that the officers have a responsibility for the entire guild, not just you. Officers do not get paid to spend the extra time they have to in order to keep the guild running.

7. If you have been accepted as a raider, you are expected to take part in almost all raids. You have to be prepared to cancel or plan RL events so that you are able to take part in raids. 80% attendance across a 4 week period is the minimum requirement.

8. Raiders have to show up and on time for raids, be prepared with all buffs, food, potions and flasks and know tactics and perform properly on raids.

9. The guild uses a bidding DKP system to distribute loot and drops on raids. Officers may override purchases and decide who gets a drop, if this has a massive benefit for the raids (such as gearing up a tank). If you step down as a raider for any period of time, you lose your DKP.

10. You must have our current voice server and backup, a microphone, and not be afraid to speak. During encounters you need to be quiet though - do not speak up unless you have a specific role that requires it, as it disrupts the RL's job.

11. You have to be able to take criticism. The Raid Leader and Officers are there to make the Raid run smoothly, and whilst we want a fun atmosphere constant errors will be dealt with.

12. You are not allowed to let any non-guild member play your character.

13. Leaving Exile with your main character will result in removal of your alt characters. Exceptions to this rule can be made by Officers.

More specific rules regarding raiders can be found in the topics; raid information, signouts and dkp posted as announcements.